Is Your Website Keeping Pace With Your Business?

As your busi­ness grows and evolves, so should your web­site. The site you put up 5 or even 2 years ago may not reflect what you’re com­pany is doing today.

When I first began build­ing web­sites, I was keen on a sta­tic page that would look and feel like a print piece. But unlike print pieces, web­sites are around for a long time. And if you aren’t a large com­pany with a full time web team, it might be dif­fi­cult to keep your web­site on pace with­out spend­ing a lot of money. Today I forgo tra­di­tional web­site build­ing tools for web plat­forms like Word­Press and Ning, that let com­pa­nies add and delete fea­tures eas­ily and seam­lessly as busi­ness requires, sav­ing them both time and money.

Don’t know if your web­site is keep­ing pace? If you don’t know, it prob­a­bly isn’t. Take this quiz to see if you need to update your website:

Does your con­tent reflect the prod­ucts or ser­vices your busi­ness offers?

Are you uti­liz­ing tools that let you keep in touch with and engage your customers?

Are the images cur­rent and fresh?

Do your graph­ics reflect the tastes of your tar­get cus­tomer or client?

Can poten­tial cus­tomers find your site via Google and other major search engines?

If you answered no to any of these ques­tions, then it’s time to get cur­rent with your web­site. At Shim­min Design, we can help you move your site to a plat­form that will keep pace and evolve as both tech­nol­ogy and your com­pany evolves. We can inte­grate tools that will help you stay in touch with clients and poten­tial cus­tomers, show off your lat­est accom­plish­ments, share media, and so much more. Con­tact us today for a free esti­mate, or to get started.